Radka Lichnovská, M.D., Ph.D.

phone:585 632 256

Radka LICHNOVSKÁ, 24. 10. 1973, M.D. - LF UP 1998, Ph.D.- LF UP 2004, 1998 – 2008: assistant professor at the department of physiology; 2008: assistant professor at the department of histology and embryology

  1. Educational activity: continuous participation in pregraduate education of bachelor and master degree programs in LF UP.
  2. Scientific education: tutor-specialist of 1 postgraduate student in LF UP.
  3. Scientific interests: nuclear receptors PPARs during prenatal development and in the case of multi-drug resistance.
  4. Scientific activity: principal investigator of grant research project of LFUP, co-investigator of research proposal MZČR, co-investigator of grant research project of IGA MZČR
  5. Publication activity: 16 original articles published in journals (6x in journals with IF), 37 abstracts and short communications (9x in a journals with IF), 37 presentations on the national and international congresses
  6. Citation: 114 citations (WOS), 125 citations (Scopus)
  7. Membership: Czech anatomical society and Czech cyto-histochemical society

Last update: March 2014