Doc. MUDr. Dimitrolos Krajčí, CSc.

phone:585 632 255

Dimitrolos KRAJČÍ, (Faculty of Medicine (FoM), UP, 1967), CSc. (MF UP, 1977). Scientific Assistant Department of Histology and Embryology (DHE), FoM PU Olomouc (1968-74), Assistant Professor DHE, FoM, PU Olomouc (1974-77), Associate Professor DHE, FoM, PU Olomouc (1987-92), Lecturer (histology) Department of Anatomy FoM, Mosul University, Iraq (1979-83), Assistant Professor (histology) Department of Anatomy FoM, Kuwait University, Kuwait (1992-2008), Associate Professor DHE, FoMD, PU Olomouc (2009 – to date).

  1. Teaching activity: In total 44 years of engagement in pregradual and postgradual teaching activity (courses in Czech and English), lectures, practicals, tutorials, oral and MCQ examinations. Undergraduate courses: Histology and embryology for medical, dentistry and pharmacy students. Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology. Introduction to Neuroscience. Histology for medical technicians. Histology for Allied health students. Graduate courses: Histology, cell biology, methods of light and electron microscopy for MSc. students (histology, pathology). Member of examination commitee for MSc. thesis defence (Fac.of Science, KU). Director of the Electron Microscopy Unit (MF KU). Member of examination commitee for thesis defence in Anatomy, Histology and Embryology (FoMD, UP, Olomouc).
  2. Scientific education: Tutor of undergraduate students engaged in departmental scientific activities (with presentations at Faculty and National Student’s Scientific Conferences). Teaching and practical training of MSc. and PhD. students in methods of electron microscopy.
  3. Scientific interests: Ultrastructure of nervous tissue in development and some induced pathological conditions (hypothermia), variability in cell death of glioma cells in tissue culture after application of cisplatin. Application of multimedia and e-learning methods in histology teaching. Virtual microscopy applications.
  4. Scientific activities: Investigator of 2 research grants of MŠČR in neuromorphology. Coinvestigator in 2 research projects on ultrastructure of atypical apoptosis. Coinvestigator in 15 ufunded research projects using electron microscopy methods. Principal investigator of ESF-OKVK grant “Teaching Practical histology in e-learning format” (2012-2014).
  5. Scientific publications: 56 original scientific publications published in international indexed journals; 2 chapters in the book The Cell in Biology and Medicine“, 1989; 73 published abstracts and short communications in proceedings; 56 oral or poster presentations at various national and international congresses or symposia.
  6. Citations: 123 citations (ISI Web of Knowledge)
  7. The most cited papers:
    • Kunert J., Krajčí D. An electron microscopy study of keratin degradation by the fungus Microsporum gypseum in vitro. Mykosen 24:485-496, 1981
    • Lýsek H., Krajčí D. Penetration of ovicidal fungus Verticillium chlamydosporium through the Ascaris lumbricoides egg-shells. Folia Parasitologica 34:57-60, 1987
    • Aljajeh I.A., Das D.K., Krajčí D. Ki-1-positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma initially diagnosed as Hodgkin's disease by fine needle aspiration (FNA) cytology. Cytopathology 6:226-235, 1995
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    • El-Shazly S., Ahmad S., Mustafa A.S., Al-Attiyah R., Krajci D. Internalization by HeLa cells of latex beads coated with mammalian cell entry (Mce) proteins encoded by the mce3 operon of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Journal of medical microbiology 56: 1145-1151, 2007
    • Krajčí D., Pospíšilová E., Černochová D., Kopečný T., Pop A. Histology practical in electronic format of virtual slides. Mefanet report 04 | Efficient multimedia teaching tools in medical education; 11/2010
    • Pospíšilová E., Černochová D., Lichnovská R., Erdösová B., Krajčí D. Application and evaluation of teaching practical histology with the use of virtual microscopy. Diagnostic Pathology 8 (Suppl 1),S7,1-2, 2013
    • Lichnovská R., Černochová D., Erdösová B., Krajčí D. A long-term student’s evaluation of the new e-learning method of teaching histology practical. Mefanet J.; 1:15-18, 2013
  8. Memberships: Czech Anatomical Society, Czech Society for Cyto-histochemistry, Czech and Slovak Society for Electron Microscopy. Czech Biological Society CAS- electron microscopy section, EMS (European Microscopic Society), ISAN (International Society for Autonomic Neuroscience).

Last update: March 2014