Běla Erdösová, M.D., Ph.D.

phone:585 632 256

Běla ERDÖSOVÁ, 9. 2. 1956, M.D. - LF UP, 1981; 1981 - 1997 – assistant professor at the department of pathology; 1986 - certificate of specialist postgraduate study in pathology; 1993 – FCE, 1997 – assistant professor at the department of histology and embryology, 2003 – Ph.D.; coordinator of the English program for the Ist and IInd years of general medicine (tutoring)

  1. Educational activity: continuous participation in the education of pregraduate students, tutor of pregraduate students in student research activities, principal investigator/co-investigator of 5 grant projects FRVŠ, member of the examination commitee for postgradual students (Anatomy, histology and embryology)
  2. Scientific education: tutor of 1 pregradual student (bachelor´s thesis - Faculty of Natural Sciences UP), tutor of 1 postgraduate student at LF UP (MDR proteins during prenatal development)
  3. Scientific interests: immunohistochemistry, programmed cell death and its regulation especially during IUD, regulation of haematopoiesis in the course of prenatal development
  4. Scientific activity: principal investigator of 2 grant research projects (pregradual students LF UP as co-researchers) supported by FRVŠ
  5. Publicatin activity: one chapter in monography, 19 presentations on the national and international congresses, 17 original articles published in journals and conference proceedings of national and international congresses, 33 abstracts and short communications (4x in a journal with IF), co-author of 2 reviews
  6. Citation: 65/48 (WOS/SCOPUS)
  7. Prochazkova J., Lichnovsky V., Kylarova D., Erdosova B., Vranka P. Involvement of p53 and Bcl-2 family proteins in regulating programmed cell death and proliferation in human embryogenesis. Gen. Physiol. Biophys. (2004), 23, 209-229
  8. Membership: Czech anatomical society and Czech cyto-histochemical society

Last update: March 2014